Web3 - Digital Assets, Crypto, Blockchain: Regulation, Accounting, Tokenization, and Investing

FTX, SVB, Signature Bank, etc., have begun to transform the Blockchain space drastically. We are sure some of you have heard these issues. Nonetheless, behind the scenes, new web3 projects are being built. Attendance tripling at ETH Denver proved us that Blockchain is here to stay and we are moving forward with web3. Our panel will deep dive and tie all these and explain how you can be ready.

Issues addressed include:

  • What is the Crypto, Blockchain, NFT landscape look like now post FTX, SVB?
  • What registrations / regulations are in the works? Will it impede innovation?
  • What are the new directions that web3 companies are exploring, on the heels of these events?
  • Is Web3 still viable? What can it do?
  • What is asset Tockenization?
  • How will tokenization impact everything? Can tokenization be decentralized?
  • How much tokenization is needed?
  • What are VCs and Institutions looking for when investing?
  • What's next?
*Neither Trynco Inc. members, nor the event participants including but not limited to panel speakers are giving any financial advise - this event is NOT intended to give any financial advise.

Happy Hour networking style with an Expert Panel discussion on Web3 / Blockchain Technology and it’s various applications. Trynco Web3 Community is a diverse and a passionate community of developers, entrepreneurs, executives, investors, creatives, educators, policy makers, and Web3 enthusiasts focused on leveraging skills & talents to empower more users to safely enter and participate in Web3. We are focused on building a non-gated, positively engaging, safe and supportive community for those entering into the blockchain space as they build creative assets, innovative businesses, create generational wealth, and friendships & business partnerships lasting a lifetime.

Come join us at the Racket in Wynwood !

Event Speakers

Gaby Hui


Director of Corporate Communications

Michael Christine, Esq



Bette Hochberger, CPA & CGMA


Bette Hochberger, MIT Alumna

Alex Hochberger

Founder & CTO

Mutual Knowledge Systems, Inc., MIT Alumni

Derek Jones

Founder & CFO

United Coin, 1881 Holdings, Inc.

Henry Grijalba


Bank for you

Amila Karunaratne

Founder & CEO

Trynco Inc.