Speakers on the November 28, 2022 Web3 Panel:
1. Derek Jones - United Coin - Blockchain, Crypto Accounting
2. Constantine Kogan - BullPerks - Crypto - Good Bad & Evil; Self Custodial vs Exchanges and why Leverage Exchanges should be handled with care
3. Ori Ohayon - Founder - Intro to NFT and different use cases of NFTs
4. Nick Gordon - Dir of Formula 1 Experiences - Use of NFTs in Sporting Events for VIP Experiences
5. Erik Mendelson - Dir of Business Development, OneOf- Web3 & NFTs Projects - how to avoid scams
6. Jesse Artman - Art Dealer - Physical and Digital Art worlds - closing the gap
7. Keva Chester, Chester Realty Group, - use of Crypto in Real Estate - Propy

Event Speakers

Director of Blockchain Business Development

OneOf NFT #1

Cryptocurrency Real Estate Agent

Nick Gordon

Director of Corporate Sales

Formula 1 Experiences

Keva Chester

Founder & CEO,

Chester Realty and Propy Crypto Certified Real Estate Agent

Jessy Artman

Fine Arts Society

President & Founder | Corporate Developer | Fintech & Blockchain Entrepreneur,

Metaverse Group

Amila Karunaratne

Founder & CEO

Trynco Inc.