Miami Web3 + AI Summit Series

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6:30 - 9:30pm or longer

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Guest Speakers on AI use cases

🎨Live Art painting by Diana Castillo 🎨

Trynco Web3 + AI Summit Series give attendees access to thought leaders, startup CEOs, investors, community influencers, and tech enthusiasts in the fast moving space of Web3 and AI.

Our highly curated events are designed so the attendees could network with like minded people. Explore new business opportunities with some of the most influential people in the Blockchain & AI technology spaces. Covering content on Crypto, NFT, Metaverse, Web3 and AI.
* Collaborate & build relations
* Develop ecosystems
* Meet investors and innovators
* Meet tomorrow's business partners, co-founders, investors to accelerate your business / business idea
Connecting the Blockchain ecosystem, Digital Assets through to Web3 and AI

Discussions and topics around the very latest news today on the Digital Assets, Web3 and AI:
* National & International Regulations and why they matter
* Blockchain & Web3 - Applicability in Various Industries
* Latest in the creator economy - Fashion - Music- Art- Gaming - Sports
* AI - What have we created
* Crypto & Sustainability
* The Metaverse Economy
* Startups in the room

At Trynco, we are focused on building a non-gated, positively engaging, safe and supportive community for those entering into the blockchain space as they build creative assets, innovative businesses, create generational wealth, and friendships & business partnerships lasting a lifetime.
Come join us !

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