Web3 Summit Series - NFT NYC Edition

Keynote Speaker
Nick Spanos
Founder of the Bitcoin Centers - NYC and Miami

Panel Outline
1. Intro to Web3 & Blockchain
2. Intro to Crypto & Crypto pmts
3. Laws & Accounting of Web3
4. What are NFTs and different types of NFTs
5. Asset Tockenization
6. What is Web3 Gaming
7. How Blockchain technology & NFTs are implemented in different industries - real estate, healthcare, fashion, finance, art, event industry, music, gaming, etc.
8. Role of Artificial Intelligence in Web3

Event Format - Networking style with an Expert Panel discussion on Web3 / Blockchain Technology and it’s various applications.
Trynco Web3 Community is a diverse and a passionate community of developers, entrepreneurs, executives, investors, creatives, educators, policy makers, and Web3 enthusiasts focused on leveraging skills & talents to empower more users to safely enter and participate in Web3. We are focused on building a non-gated, positively engaging, safe and supportive community for those entering into the blockchain space as they build creative assets, innovative businesses, create generational wealth, and friendships & business partnerships lasting a lifetime.

NYC Web3 Summit aims to be an informative gathering of panels, fireside chats, and keynote speakers. Also there are networking opportunities during breaks and cocktail hour with fun & interactive experiences such as a retrofitted McLaren Senna with D-Box motion actuators, to enjoy the world's best (and most expensive) Forza Motorsport experience on the 2nd floor, as well as various activations by Web3 technology companies, NFT projects and much more on the 6th floor exhibit hall.

Come join us on April 11th ! LET’S GOOOO